• Fair, competitive rates
  • Experts in the commercial collections field combining smart collections, talent and technology
  • Easy placements
  • Research driven collections
  • No fee if we don’t collect
  • In-house counsel
  • There is always a story beneath the surface, we make sure we know yours and walk the path with you

Why Choose Us

  • Investigative tools
  • In depth background and credit checks on debtors
  • Skip Tracing
  • Comprehensive discovery
  • Research, research, research: Before we ever pick up the phone we know your debtors financial capacity to pay
  • Experienced collectors trained to work with all levels of management, owners or attorneys
  • Detailed monthly reports
  • Enhanced Business Reporting

How We Can Help

Ethics   •    Integrity  •  Trust

Fast and persistent collections – we start working on your placement immediately and don’t quit until we get results

A partnership: delivering ideas, solutions and increased profitability

Our most powerful collection tool:  An understanding of the nuances, payment patterns, problems and differences inherent to your business!

What We Offer

I have worked with many committed and competent companies over the years and rank American Capital Recovery as one of the finest I have had the distinct pleasure of serving with.  I have found ACR to be an outstanding collaborative partner to our organization. 

ACR’s knowledge of the Credit and Collections industry coupled with their ability to build business relationships allow for win/win solutions. 

ACR has consistently shown a well balanced approach to business strategy that is practical as well as sustained by a deep knowledge in the utility market.  I would highly recommend ACR to any organization that is looking for a high performance collection agency.

Director of Credit & Collections for a large national electricity supplier

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Our company employed American Capital Recovery in hope of finding an agency that could collect tough paper in a timely manner.  We had used a few agencies prior to ACR and the results were subpar at best with 1-8% return on a variation of good and poor paper.  Within a month of switching to ACR, a thing that became very clear was ACR was taking our bad debt and making it a mission to get us money back. 

Our internal collection team could focus their efforts on accounts that are 5-60 days past due and stop wasting time on accounts that simply were simply not paying.  With our internal collection efforts now streamlined, it was time to see what ACR could do with the debt that got past myself and my team.  This is where ACR shined.  They collected at a clip of 30% on our bad debt and averaged over a 20% liquidation rate.  When the industry average is 10% and our company was getting back 30+% on a monthly basis, well, it made it easy to feel assured we were in the right hands.

Vice President of a large national electricity supplier 

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The Cost of

Bad Debt

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“Our company began a business partnership with American Capital Recovery five years ago in search of improvement on our third party collections process.  Over and above our collections improving 25% by using American Capital Recovery, the professional staff is extremely proficient in all aspects of the tracking and reporting of our portfolio. 

Furthermore the automation of our collaborative efforts allowed our company to substantially save financially on the cost associated with the collections process through labor reductions.”

Vice President of a national trucking company 

T. 855.661.2500

Did you know that based on an average net income of 4% you will need 25 times the amount of a write-off in new sales to offset the loss?

This means that if you only write off $5,000 you will need $125,000 in new sales to offset the loss.

If you’re like many larger companies, your write offs are much higher.  An annual write off of $200,000 will need an additional $5,000,000 in new sales to offset the loss!

Small write-offs are a BIG DEAL!

Let ACR fill the gap between bad debt write-offs and your bottom line!